Equity Books: Fall Book Fair October 3rd -16th


Welcome to Equity Books’ Fall 2021 Book Fair!  Equity Books is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that aims to further equity in our society by providing diverse books to ensure representation can be demonstrated, provide education on what it means to be inclusive and support minority authors.  We have partnered with Readers’ Racks, an independent black-owned bookstore, to raise funds and awareness for the need for more diverse and inclusive titles, represented by a broad range of authors, throughout our community.  Books and funds will support the organization’s Little Free Libraries program and communities within the Charlotte area.

Join us in getting more books into the hands of our community by shopping our wishlist for excellent titles and authors that we think you should know and be talking about.  Or if you’d like to expand your own collection shop the site for many different options.  Either way, use the coupon code: equitybooks so that we can track your purchases and ensure that we can stock even more Little Free Libraries.

Our Fall 2021 Book Fair Wishlists: 


If you'd like to ship books directly to Equity Books, you may do so by using the following as the shipping address:

1715 Woodland Dr 

Charlotte, NC 28205



Still not sure which books to donate, no worries. Purchase an eGift card instead. Enter info@equitybooks as the "Recipient Email" and we'll make the selections for you. 

Thank you for your support!