Find a Wishlist

Find a Wishlist

Has your school or organization signed up for a hassle-free bookfair? 

Looking for your child's classroom teacher's wish list? 

Enter your teacher's name or email address in the search box and begin shopping today!


Create a Wishlist

Want to create a wish list to keep track of your favorite books to purchase later?

Plan to share your wishlist with parents, friends, relatives, and/or community members to support your classroom, school, or personal library? 

No worries! In 7 easy steps, you can save and share your list with the world!

1. Create a Readers' Racks account.
2. Log in to your Readers' Racks account. 
3. Search for a book and click add to wishlist. 
4. Setup the wishlist by selecting a name, privacy, expiration date, etc.
5. Continue adding books to your wishlist until your list is complete. 
6. Scroll down to "Email Your Wishlist" and enter your recipient email addresses and customize your message.
7.  Click "Email wish list."