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About Us

Our Beliefs

  • At Readers' Racks, we believe that reading early and reading often is critical to the healthy intellectual, emotional, and social development of young readers.
  • We believe that it is important that readers see themselves and their experiences reflected in the books that they read and the authors that they see. 
  • Children who read and are read to become productive contributing citizens within their schools, communities, and professional careers.
  • Reluctant readers become better readers by reading more books based upon their interests.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of a diverse selection of books, authors, and literary experiences within the schools and communities that we serve. 

Our Mission

To engage and empower all readers to become life-long learners, doers, and lovers of reading.  

Our Story

Readers' Racks was founded by a certified librarian and school media specialist who loves reading and technology and believes in the power of both to transform lives. We offer a diverse collection of books, ebooks, and audiobooks to meet the needs of all readers!