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//// Online Book Fair | Hassle Free! Cost Free! 

Raise more readers and more money with Readers' Racks' hassle-free online bookfair today!

//// Benefits 

  • Anyone anywhere can shop your online bookfair for two weeks or year round.
  • No setting up and taking down bookfair crates, soliciting and training volunteers, or shutting down the media center to run the book fair.
  • Our online book fairs keep the focus on connecting readers with books, not gadgets! 

//// How it Works!

  • Sign up to host a Readers' Racks bookfair today! Include the following information in your request email: 
  1. Name of the bookfair coordinator
  2. Name of your school or organization
  3. Dates you plan to host the bookfair (1-2 week increments)
  4. Coordinator's email and phone
  • Once confirmed, our certified experts will assist you in creating a collection of books that best support your school or organizational goals. 
  • You will receive a step-by-step promotional guide to help you market your online book fair. This guide will include email, flyer, social media, and poster templates for distribution to students, families, and community members.
  • Parents, teachers, relatives, and community members shop online 24/7 during your bookfair. 
  • At the conclusion of the fair, we ship directly to the customer or bundle and ship directly to your organization for sorting and distribution to your customers.  

//// Your Profits

You can earn up to 25% of every book purchased! Once the fair has concluded, we send you a check to support programming or apply store credit to your Readers' Racks account to allow for convenient and easy shopping for your media center or library:

  • For retail sales $8,000 and over: 25% in profit or 30% discount on books
  • For retail sales between $4,000 and $8,000: 20% in profit or 25% discount on books
  • For retail sales under $4,000: 15% in profit or 20% discount on books

//// Get Started Today